“The only way to exert control over your life is through your decision-making. The rest just happens to you.” (Keeney 1992)

My objective is to contribute to improving individual and organizational decision making. I pursue this objective in three areas: Research, Education / Training, and Consulting

Research provides the basis for my activities. With colleagues, I am

  • Developing and testing empirically methods
    • to structure decision situations appropriately,
    • to identify objectives,
    • to organize objectives,
    • to create more and better alternatives
    • to “give yourself a nudge”
  • Analyzing proactive, good decision making
    • We created a scale to measure proactive decision making
    • Proactive, good decision making can be trained
    • Proactive decision makers are more satisfied with their decisions
    • Proactive decision makers are more satisfied with their life

In education and training, I help individuals to improve personal and professional decision making. My audience include high-school students, university students, as well as key decision makers and consultants

In consulting, I am interested in helping companies and organizations to identify, clarify, and organize the multiple conflicting objectives relevant to their complex decisions. This helps them to avoid decision-making traps, make better decisions, and act in accordance with their values.