Research Objectives and Framework

The fundamental objective of my research is to contribute to better-informed decision-making and thereby make better decisions for individuals and organizations. I pursue this research objective with three pillars: empirical studies, developing methods, and application

The concept of Value-focused Thinking (Keeney 1992) provides the basis for my research efforts. It features a change in paradigm in mastering decision situations. Most individuals and organizations can be characterized as reactive in their decision-making. Decision situations are seen as decision problems that are to be solved. With little effort, the most obvious alternatives or alternatives that have been proven in similar decision situations are often identified. Most of the effort is spent evaluating these alternatives. In contrast, Keeney suggests spending more effort identifying attractive alternatives since only available alternatives can later be chosen as the best. Individuals or organizations should identify their values, i.e., what they care about, and translate their values into objectives. These objectives should be used to identify more and better alternatives systematically. Instead of solving decision problems, decisions have to be seen as opportunities, which should be proactively developed

Selected Research Projects

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