I have lots of experiences in the useful application of the decision sciences to real-world issues to aid decision-makers and policymakers. I work with businesses, organizations, institutions, and government agencies to address complex decisions. These issues include:

  • Defining the right decisions to be addressed
  • Guiding processes to create innovative alternatives for decisions
  • Assessing the probabilities of the occurrence of key future events that greatly influence the consequences of a current decision
  • Proactively recognizing decision opportunities to improve performance and avoid future decision problems
  • Articulating and organizing the strategic objectives of any decision making entity
  • Identifying the objectives for a decision, including those with many participants or stakeholders
  • Clarifying the relative importance (i.e. the value tradeoffs) of the different objectives for a decision involving multiple objectives
  • Performing a complete analysis of a complex decision to provide insight for making a sound choice
  • Guiding a logical process to help a group of individuals make an informed decision

Selected projects