Developing more and better alternatives (individually as well as in groups)


Siebert, Johannes; Keeney, Ralph L. “Creating More and Better Alternatives for Decisions Using Objectives”. Operations Research, September/October 2015, 63(5), 1144-1158, 1

Siebert, Johannes. “Can Novices Create Alternatives of the Same Quality as Experts?”,  Decision Analysis (INFORMS) 2016, 13(4), 278-291

Many individuals and organizations spend most of their effort evaluating alternatives without ensuring that the best possible alternative are to be chosen from. Therefore, we analyzed how individuals and organizations can systematically create more and better alternatives to improve the outcome of their decision-making. The main idea is to use objectives as a stimulus in alternatives` creation (Keeney 1992). In cooperation with Ralph Keeney (Duke University, USA), I have carried out a series of five experiments. The participants created alternatives for important decisions they were highly involved with. In summary, these experiments provided extensive evidence that using objectives for creating alternatives has a significant positive impact on the number and quality of alternatives created. The results were used to derive a guideline for the creation of alternatives in important decision situations.

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