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Veröffentlichung Siebert, Johannes U.; von Nitzsch, Rüdiger. “ The Job Selection Problem for Career Starters: A Decision-Theoretical Application. Part 1: Structuring the Problem into Objectives, Alternatives and Uncertainties“, Scientific Contributions, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium, October 2020 This two-piece paper describes how to solve a practical decision problem using decision theory. The first part emphasizes the high importance of a solid structuring of the decision situation in objectives, alternatives, and uncertainties. It is shown how to proceed in this step with the support of a decision analyst. The following second part uses the results of the first part and shows how to find an optimal alternative by a quantification of the necessary parameter. Short text: After graduation, the question arises for the graduates with which job they want to start their further career. A decision-theoretical analysis uses a practical example to show how the decision problem can be well-structured with the help of…

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Veröffentlichung Siebert, Johannes U.; Keeney, Ralph. “Decisions: Problems or Opportunities? How you can prevent unpleasant decision situations”, Scientific Contributions, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium, June 2020, 49(6), 1-6 Many individuals and organizations face and address decision situations as problems, which are to be solved. However, decisions are the only way to influence actively what is important. This paper differentiates decision problems and decision opportunities and illustrates how proactive, value-focused decision making can create attractive decision opportunities and help reduce the chance of some unwanted decision problems.

Veröffentlichung Siebert, Johannes U.; Kunz, Reinhard „Entwicklung einer Balanced Scorecard mit Value-focused Thinking am Beispiel eines mittelgroßen Medienunternehmens“. Controlling:Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, March 2016, 210-215. DOI:  10.15358/0935-0381-2016-3-209 This paper describes an innovative procedure to develop a sophisticated Balanced Scorecard using tools and methods of Value-focused Thinking. This procedure is illustrated for a medium-sized media company.

This paper discusses the economic potentials of Industry 4.0, its interaction with Big Data, and provides implications for companies in general and for management control in particular.

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